The Visual Profile

The Visual Profiler, VProf, is a project developed for optimizing the performance of programs and evaluating algorithm efficiency. It provides routines to collect statistical profiling information and programs to view execution profiles. Profile data is used to generate performance summaries sorted by source code line, by file, and by function.


    VProf 1.2 Released   2006-03-22 12:54 - VProf
    The Visual Profiler, VProf, is an open source performance profiler. Release 1.2 is a update containing GUI enhancements.

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    • Cross platform performance analysis tool.
    • Minimal pertevation(less than 1%).
    • Support for Fortran 77, Fortran 90, C and C++
    • Can profile on file, function and line level.
    • Creates profile for individual nodes of multi-node system.
    • Open Source.

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    • Unix Workstations (Intel/Linux, RS/6000, SGI/IRIX)
    • Symmetric multi-processors (Intel/Linux, SGI/IRIX)
    • Massively parallel (IBM SP, Intel Paragon)

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    • C++ with a few C and FORTRAN 77 functions
    • Object-oriented designed throughout

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